Pages: 131-138
DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2015-4-131-138
”ń  378
ŃŃ  74.483
Authors: L.I. Savva, E.A. Gasaenko
Abstract: Historical preconditions of the problem of forming the professional image of a technical higher school student are discussed. Historical stages of the problem formation are presented. Theoretical foundations of the problem at every stage are characterized, early origin of the image a social and cultural phenomenon and a scientific definition in social and humanitarian knowledge are shown. The connection between the image and other categories man, body, image, opinion, picture, self-presentation, adaptation) is revealed, scientific views at different historical stages are defined. The origin time of imageology as a separate discipline is found, the changes in methodological approaches within the scientific area of the studied process are shown and theoretical prospects of the problem are defined.
Keywords: historical stages, image, historical preconditions of forming the professional image of a higher school student.
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