Pages: 46-60
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2018-10-4-46-60 ÓÄŹ 37.018. 48 + 378.147 ĮĮŹ 74.324 + 74.480.26
Authors: L.P. Repyakh, I.D. Belonovskaya
Abstract: Topical aspects of personnel training at a gas distribution organization for risk in the system of further professional education on the basis of using visualization and modeling technologies for problem production situations are discussed. The role of modeling as the main technology of risk training is substantiated. Experiences of using different visualization tools such as geoinformation technologies, media information and internet resources and commix calendars is described. Pedagogical experiment with automated system controlling the gas distribution networks production processes used for modeling and visualization in the teaching/learning process was conducted. Input and output control data are compared. It was found that the competence formation level of students, motivation and importance of learning increased. Recommendations for implementation of the new educational technologies are given.
Keywords: further professional education, riskology, visualization, modeling, readiness for risk competene.
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