Pages: 97-106
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2018-10-1-97-106ΣΔΚ 378 + 001.8 ΑΑΚ 74.48 + 72.5
Authors: L.V. Lvov
Abstract: A topical problem increasing research efficiency is discussed. It is necessary to achieve high level of ability and readiness to carry out independent work at the theoretical and methodological levels while the content and logical succession research in accordance with the outlined program. The article is mainly focused on the content and logic building the stages of psychological and pedagogical research targeted to the primary level ability and readiness. In this context research competence of graduate and postgraduate student as well as those who are interested in research in the fields of psychology and pedagogy. is important.
Keywords: research, logic, methodology, scientific approach, theory, qualification
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