How to publish your paper?

The following information is only for the author outside Russia.

1. Sign in at the home page and log in to the web-site using your Login and Password.
2. Go to For authors/Submit a paper tab.
3. Fill in the form presented, and be sure to attach the file containing the paper.
4. Click ‘Submit’ button to send the paper.
5. Check the request state at the For authors/My requests tab.
6. When the request state is ‘Accepted for Publication’, pay for publication in accordance with payment requirements.
7. After the issue is published, we will send you the number hard copies you ordered by post to the address you have specified. The journal in electronic format is available for download in the Journals section.

Publishing requirements
1. Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects is an official journal founded by the International Institute of Design and Service and is publishing scientific articles not published before and containing research results in the following areas of Pedagogy and education:
• Theoretical and methodological analysis of professional education;
• Management problems of general, secondary professional and higher education;
• Efficiency problems, quality issues of general, secondary professional and higher education;
• Current problems of upbringing, competence forming in education;
• Professional education in culture and culture of professional education;
• Psychological and pedagogical aspects of education.
2. The article is to include:
1) Introduction (stated problem, comparative analysis of the approaches);
2) Formulated problem (stated research goals and methods);
3) Outcomes (research and proven outcomes);
4) Conclusions and discussion (theoretical value of the research compared with other researches and prospects of further research in the area).

Formatting Requirements

File completed in Microsoft Word
Wordage 15 pages max
Paper Size À4
Margins 2 cm
Base Font Times New Roman, 14 pt
Line Spacing 1.5
Pictures * black-and-white, to have a clear picture; the ability to edit; and should be within the margin boundaries
* Font – Arial, not less than 11pt
* performed in the built-in MS Word or MS Excel
List of References * only references to the papers mentioned in the text
* references to the list are in square brackets
* citation of the previous issues of the journal is appreciated
It is not recommended to include information on sources, published over five years ago

The paper must have

1. Text in English.
2. Full name of the author(s) in English.
3. Title of the paper in English.
4. Abstract - author’s summary (from 100-250 characters) - not less than 10 lines in English.
5. Key words (7-10 words) in English.
6. References.

The agreement on publication of an article in the journal

Publication Payments

Publication of the paper 5000 RUB per article
Hard copy of the journal including shipping costs 1200 RUB per copy
Electronic copy of the journal Free