Issues of the journal for 2010

Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹1, 2010
The attention of most of the articles’ authors is paid to solving such pedagogical problem as peculiarities of work with under aged teens (problem teenagers, ‘transient’ children, and children with deviant behaviour) at school, institutions of social safety, social rehabilitation centres, and at home. The questions of training teachers for work with this category of children are considered.
Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹2, 2010
The fist area investigated in the articles is that of organisation of educational process at different levels and stages: pre-school, special, distant, and vocational ones; the problems of student government and managerial culture of a higher education establishment’s head. The second area is a multilevel system of higher vocational education and development of professional competences specified by the third generation state educational standards.
Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹3, 2010

A new section is included into the journal. Its heading is Innovation Phenomena in the Frame of Continuing Education. It contains papers on preschool education quality control, environmental education of senior pupils, and children’s additional education. Other sections’ articles are dedicated to the problems of pedagogical process’ arrangement and control quality improvement in vocational education establishments.

Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹4, 2010
Most part of the issue’s articles is dedicated again to the problem of higher education graduates’ competences development, formation of personal qualities and system of values. However, the author’s attention is drawn to the subject that just starts its development in pedagogy – formation of interethnic tolerance and ethnic awareness.