Issues of the journal for 2011

Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ╣1, 2011
Presence of generous amount of the articles devoted to teaching methods and technologies determines the issue’s leading topic: ‘Project Teaching Method’. This method is considered in terms of the main educational programmes’ realization in higher education establishments; organization of independent student work; students’ professional competency formation; training competitive specialist; teaching foreign languages. The authors have also shown up the facilities of information resources and the Internet; peculiarities of implementation and prospects for the development of project method in education. In the journal the articles on improvement of education quality, development of the system of work with gifted children, strategic partnership in innovative educational activities, and others are represented.
Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ╣2, 2011
The journal has a new regular column ‘Innovations and Problems in the Global Educational Environment’. The authors are colleagues from abroad and the issues discussed are: impact of social and cultural development on education in Russia; problems of implementing innovative techniques in the curriculum; problems of information support of the curriculum; problems of gender education, ethnic and civic awareness in national cultures.
Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ╣3, 2011

The papers in the journal mainly focus on two aspects of education: 1) training future teachers in organization of self-education, forming moral values of school students, making classes with school students psychologically comfortable and assessment of student’s progress with the credit system; 2) solving social problems in the activities of public institutions: models of working with gifted children, orphans, people with special needs and family education. Papers by E.V. Yakovlev, N.O. Yakovleva and M.M. Ovchinnikova are especially interesting.

Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ╣4, 2011

A new column ‘RBIM: Innovative education’ that includes papers by RBIM staff has been introduced to develop the message of the journal. Other columns cover the issues of education quality and technologies and young researchers publish their first scientific papers. The papers focus on the problems of pre-school children cognitive development, professional personal identity of future teachers, formation of teacher’s organization culture, civic and patriotic values of young people.