Issues of the journal for 2012

Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹1, 2012

Issue ¹ 1, 2012 is special. It publishes papers by the academics of Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute, which is a well known educational research centre. A wide scope of problems is discussed: 1) development and prospects of educational reform in Kazakhstan, global tendencies, integration and globalization of the educational system, ethnic worldview  and its impact on the educational system, gender policy in Kazakhstan; 2) problems of organizing student’s research and independent work; 3) application of innovative technologies: imaging, innovative projects in the realization of competence approach while teaching Kazakh elocution and electronic textbook as a means of forming student’s competences.

Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹2, 2012

The largest section in this issue is INNOVATIONS IN CONTINUING EDUCATION. It includes papers by school teachers on innovative project learning in teaching Physics, Chemistry, Geometry and Music as well as on psychological aspects of project learning and integration of practice focused research and research based practice. The papers discuss the problems of assessing student’s progress; management of student self-learning; encouragement of student independence and creativity. Some aspects of the philosophy of Pedagogy are also discussed.

Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹3, 2012
The issue contains papers on the problems of educational practices and development of educational management: higher school partnership, informatization management, art education and social infrastructure in the context of the life-long education.
Problems of education and development of students are discussed: forming a client-oriented culture of managers, experiences of project weeks at a higher school, formation of student’s projecting competence, development of school student’s giftedness, formation of universal learning acts and personality of students via projecting.
Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹4, 2012
Issue No 4, 2012 is special. It publishes the articles of the leading experts of the Institute of Professional Development of Teachers in Kostanayskaya oblast, the Republic of Kazakhstan, of JSC "National Training Center “Orleu”. The papers cover the problems of forming the national model of education and the history of teacher’s qualification upgrade in Kazakhstan. The problems of innovative processes in continuing education and topical issues quality management in education are discussed.