Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹4, 2012

Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹4, 2012


Slesar M.V.

Slesar M.V. 6
Vishnichenko V.G. 
Dyadechko V.Yu., Niderer N.V.Continuous professional development of a teacher as a factor of successful modernization of education of Kazakhstan18
Legkiy D.M.Contribution of Russian Scholars to the Development of Education in Kazakhstan An Aspect of Education History23
Tuyakova K.S., Machneva S.G.History of Pedagogy in Kazakhstan: the Makers of Education System26
Sadykova A.K.The Importance of Communicative Competence and Highly Developed Intellect in the Typological Characteristics of Pre-School Educational Institutions30
Mansurova V.H.Formation of professional development of a teacher as a tool of its development35
Niyazbaeva N.N.Reflexive space in the classroom with teachers in improving their skills: the existential experience of the teacher41
Isaeva T.A., Guryanova Î.N.Content values of ecological ethics in the pupil’s person forming44
Baisarina R.A.To the history of altynsarin’s pedagogical readings in kostanay region49
Miroshnikova L.I.Role of teacher’s personality in development of moral and spiritual identity of school children53
Slesar M.V.Urgency for formation of a multi-ethnic culture among schoolchildren58
Kobzhasarova Zh. K.Communication Ñulture of Kazakh People62
Orynbaeva K.E.Changes in the Cultural Sphere of Northern Kazakhstan in1920-1930 s.72
Zhursinalina G.K.The Role of Level Training in FormingStudents’ Communicative Competence76
Samarkin S.V., Yarochkina E.V.Formation of Legal and Political Functional Literacy in a Polyethnic Society79
Koloskova E.N.Problem of Emotional Instability in Professional Activity of the Teacher83
Slessar O.A.Studing of the English language is a path for getting knowledgeable of the world classical literature88
Berkenova G.S. 94
Alexandrova R.N. 100
Alshanova B.H.Pedagogical Management and Organization of Pupils’ Independent Work104
Zharlygasova G.D., Kozhevnikov S.K.Innovative Teaching Technologies in Qualification Upgrade of Education Workers107
Rats L.V., Kostomarova E.V.Organization of pedagogical creativity110
Sarzhan N.M.Teacher of the New Formation: - Integration of Basic Preparation and Continuous Professional Development116
Yarochkina E.V.Priorities in education at kazakhstan120
Sapanova G.A.New mechanism of professional competence development of the teacher125
Bevz I.A.Innovations in the Qualification Upgrade System of Teachers132
Dildibekova G.A.Forming the Professional Competence of Pre-School Teachers during Qualification Upgrade137
Zaminova I.P.Critical Thinking as a Condition of Successful Professional and Learning Activity139
Galenya L.D., Dosov M.A. 144
Dandybayeva G.T., Kopzhasarova Z.K. 147
Kondruk A.V.                 
Implementation of E-Learning in Education Process 153
Nabatnikova T.I., Chekaleva N.V.Continuity in the system of continuous pedagogical education as a principle of development of research activity of a teacher157
Ternovoy I.K.Local Lore Studies at Secondary School162
Kuznetsov A.Yu.Spiritual and moral values formation within religious studies teaching course169
Khudyakov R.V.Improving Education Process in the Conditions of Introducing the Learner Centered Education174
Lukyanets N.G. 
Color Music Synesthesia as a Technology of Creative Ability Development of Primary School Students at Music Lessons 177
Kalashnikova T.M.New approaches to training of preschool workers in the system of Training Institute teaching staff: requirements, opportunities and prospects180
Sultangazina G.Zh., Tuyakova B.S.To the question of language literacy as a component of functional literacy 185
Makhmutova A.G. 
Mkrtchyan L.S. 195
Kazakova O.V. Psychological and pedagogical methods of working in children educational institutions 199

Matushevich L.V., Matushevich D.V.

Shcherbakova I.A.Social partnership: basis of organization and prospects of development210
Kalimova K.B., Kuzinyova E.G.Innovative Conceptions of Continuous (Self-Educational) Training Process216

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