Issues of the journal for 2015

Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects,  ¹ 1, 2015
The articles discuss topical problems of Russian education: innovative higher school teaching technologies; pedagogical measurements and new student assessments; implementation of innovative approaches in curriculum to projecting the content and technologies of elective courses, support of creative activities based on solving inventive problems, organization of competitions as a form of intellectual and creative development of students and school students and organization school students distance learning.
Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹2, 2015
The authors of the presented articles discuss pedagogical tasks of student professional training by the basic department, formation of future teachers’ readiness, formation of economic and legal culture of students, professional pedagogical cooperation in vocational training and management of higher school innovations. Section “Innovative technologies at higher school” focuses on the problem of forming educational content of electronic textbooks via quantified study texts in text form.
Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹ 3, 2015
The articles focus on the problems of quality management of education (general, secondary, vocational and higher), formation of general learning skills of school students, modeling the learner’s motivation, assessment of the formation level of cognitive learning and professional creativity, specifics of introducing teaching technologies both traditional (modern lecture and essay) and innovative (projecting).
Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects, ¹ 4, 2015
Most of the publications rooms on higher education consists of articles devoted to research of problems of professional formation of the personality, vocational training, consisting in the conceptual model, the model of development of socio-professional mobility, model of development of competence of professional communication. Innovative processes in lifelong education are presented in the literature on the role of Museum pedagogy, the creation of moral situations as a means of creative development, the development of youth in the information space.