Heading: Kuchina E.V.
Pages: 14-17
Codes: 378.14 74.484.4
Title: Functioning Problems of Small Innovative Enterprises in Case of Higher Education Institutions
Authors: Kuchina E.V.
Abstract: The role of small innovative enterprises in formation of national innovative system is revealed. Forming and development problems of small innovative business based on higher educational institutions are discussed.
Keywords: national innovation system, small innovative companies, higher educational institution, innovative product, innovational activity.
List of references:
1. Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 2 August 2009 on small innovative enterprises affiliated to higher educational institutions. [electronic resource] [in Russian].
2. Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation: development of business affiliated to higher educational institutions and research centres. [electronic resource] ./- /2515. [in Russian].
3. Strategy of development of science and innovations of the Russian Federation till 2015. M.: Minobrnauki, 2006. [in Russian].
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