Pages: 73-79
Codes: ÓÄĘ 378.147 ÁÁĘ 74.480.26
Title: Development of Professionally Oriented Foreign Language Training with the Help of Contemporary Communication Means at University of Economics
Authors: Zvyagintseva E.P., Manakhova E.B.
Abstract: The article is devoted to practical aspects of using contemporary means of communication that include iPads, smartphones and their applications based on such operational systems as Android, iOS, etc. The process of professionally oriented teaching at University of Economics may be supported with the above mentioned applications in order to vary classes, to motivate students for studying foreign languages, to create language environment at University, to point out the ways of students’ selfstudying and development of the accepted knowledge. This approach to teaching is not only of current importance, but also a forward looking one in the process of professional training among economists to be.
Keywords: contemporary means of communication, professionally oriented teaching, University of Economics, foreign language.
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