Pages: 88-91
Codes: Ë─╩ 378.14 ┴┴╩ 74.480.25
Title: Methodological Aspects and Innovative Approaches in Audiovisual Training Technology
Authors: Ovchinnikov Yu.D.
Abstract: In the article discusses how to increase the motivation of students to the study of ôAudiovisual Learning Technologies╗. The author reveals the methodological features of the study using various audiovisual technologies: infographics, freezelight in everyday life, the future professional activity system as an example of creative jobs. Creative task, devoted to new year holiday, teaches students how to collect and aesthetically present the material so that the student sees the results of his work, and begins to understand the mechanism of development of common cultural and professional competences, which affects the increase of the social significance of study a minor subject. In conclusion, the article presents information and methodological materials.
Keywords: Óudiovisual learning technologies, methods, techniques, freezelight, infographics, creative opportunities, students, creative tasks.
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