Pages: 98-102
Codes: 372.4 74.102.6
Title: Organization of Research and Projecting for Senior School Students
Authors: Akulinina I.A.
Abstract: The article discusses the features of the organization of research and project activities preschool children. The psychological and educational literature, which showed the need for research and design activities for the modernization of modern education are analyzed. For efficient use of the project method in educational activities older preschoolers certain conditions must be met, training programs, which provide professional readiness to create projects in preschool educational institution. It is concluded that implementation of the project contributes to the formation of ethnic and cultural elements of the national consciousness of the senior preschool where basic indicators can be: national identity, national stereotypes, standards of conduct.
Keywords: research, project activities, project method, ethno-cultural project, ethnocultural environment, modernization, older preschoolers, frames, integration.
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