Pages: 20-27
Codes: 37.013.42 74.66
Title: The influence of social and educational processes to genius preschoolers, schoolchildren, students in family and physical education
Authors: Sivakov V.I., Sivakov D.V., Anufrieva M.L., Sivakova M.Yu., Sivakov V.V.
Abstract: The article discusses the education of a human genius from birth to his/her student years, as well as terms and conditions for the implementation of natural abilities in a childs development. A direction in the disclosure of the education law on education and development of individual genius is outlined. The material reveals a genius foundation in creating a genius child. At the same time the necessary, systematic, purposeful work that promotes the development of genius in a family, and physical education is presented.
Keywords: preschool, school children, students, genius, social and educational process leading type of activity, sensory system, the crisis.
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