Pages: 32-36
Codes: 377.8 74.479
Title: About formation of professional and value system of students at the Music Department of teacher training college: statement of the problem
Authors: Sizova E. R., Matyushkova T.M.
Abstract: The problem of formation of professional and value orientations system of the future music teachers in the system of secondary professional education is stated. Features of the trained cohort and specifics of training of students of Musical Department of teacher training college, influencing formation of professional and value orientations are formulated. Distinctions in age structure of students, more close connections of average educational institution with students and their families, bigger specific weight of small group and individual occupations causing emotional and personal character of the relations of pupils with teachers, the practice-focused training orientation are distinguished from the major factors distinguishing educational process in teacher training college from higher education institution.
Keywords: students of teacher training college, teacher-musician, music teacher, professional and value orientations.
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