Pages: 84-87
Codes: 377.8 74.479
Title: Social and professional aspects of value system of students of Music Department of a teacher training college
Authors: Matyushkova T.M.
Abstract: Social aspects of formation of valuable orientations at future music teachers in the course of training in teacher training college are analyzed, interdependence of the content of valuable orientations from social inquiries of society and requirements of employers are explained. The characteristic of primary activities of students of Music Department of teacher training college is given (teaching, musical and performing, cultural and educational), on this basis groups of professional values in which number the author includes socially significant values (the public and personal importance of work of the teacher, social recognition of results of activity) are allocated; communicative values (constructive relations with children and parents, colleagues, exchange of experience, professional culture); selfrealization values (development of creative abilities, performing skills, pedagogical abilities, mobility, activity, aspiration to development of new areas of knowledge).
Keywords: professional values, students of musical office of teacher training college, professional activity, social inquiries, requirements of employers.
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