Pages: 41-47
Codes: 37.01 74.0
Authors: V.I. Sivakov, D.V. Sivakov, V.V. Sivakov, M.U. Anufrieva, M.U. Sivakova
Abstract: The article considers the conditions of formation of genius and genius in preschool children, pupils and students in the educational activity. Justified by fundamental psychological factor affecting the quality of educational activities, as well as the ways to improve learning with the development of the mind in preschool children, school children and students. The material reveals a purposeful and systematic work in education genius through leading types of training. The authors show how the need to improve the educational process at the genius and not genius preschool children, pupils and students, which should not hinder the development of the individual psyche of the person, and must, on the contrary develop their natural abilities, properties, the process to obtain a new educational information passing in fundamental knowledge and from knowledge to practice.
Keywords: preschool, school children, students, the genius, the educational process, leading type of activity, sensory system, physical education.
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