Pages: 136-144
Codes: ÓÄÊ 376.58 ÁÁÊ 74.247.8
Authors: T.I. Kolesnichenko
Abstract: The problem of legal culture and educating teenagers in it is a research trend in Russia. However, this problem is not well covered in publications. Methods, forms and means of legal culture education for juvenile offenders are discussed. A program of educating teenagers with deviant behavior in legal culture at special closed vocational schools has been developed on the basis of the analysis psychological, educational and methodological literature. The principles, forms and method how to effectively solve the above problem have been exposed and scientifically proved. The conditions of educating teenagers with deviant behavior in legal culture at special closed vocational schools have been revealed. The developed program can be used in practical education of legal culture at closed professional institutions and juvenile prisons.
Keywords: legal culture, legal education, deviant behavior, teenager’s rights, social educative environment, juvenile offenders, special closed vocational schools.
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