Pages: 133-140
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2017-9-2-133-140 ÓÄÊ 377.5 ÁÁÊ 74.47
Authors: G.A. Korchagina, A.N. Perminov
Abstract: Experience of organizing a competition of professional skills among students of the tourism sector as a motivating factor in the recreational and environmental training of future tourism specialists is considered. The existing experience in this direction, the importance of competitions of professional skill for students of the tourist sphere is highlighted: the expansion of opportunities in the development of professional skills and thinking, the formation of professional and creative activity and intellectual development. The competitions of professional skill occupy a special place in view of the effective means of forming a profession and an educational program for training the personnel of the tourism industry within the framework of the experimental implementation of the model of recreational and environmental training of future tourism specialists
Keywords: Competitions of professional skills, future tourprofits, recreational and environmental training, training of specialists in tourism
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