Pages: 83-89
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2018-10-2-83-89 ÓÄĘ 37.013.42 ÁÁĘ 74.66
Authors: L.V. Kolbasina
Abstract: The role of advertisement in education and socialization of children and teenagers is discussed. It is noted that advertisement has become an integral part of human and social being, it forms the world outlook, sets life norms, manipulates the consciousness and imposes the ideology. Reflexivity is not a guaranteed tool to save from the advertisement. Scientific approaches to the role of advertisement in human life are discussed. Functions of advertisement and the essence of world outlook are analyzed at the levels practical life and theory. Practical life component of the world outlook in the child socialization is revealed through perception. Perception peculiarities are characterized. Key concepts: socialization, education, advertisement and factor are analyzed. The necessary conditions for perception development are specified. Theoretical basis of positive and negative impact of advertisement on social behavior of children is shown. It is pointed out that advertisement as kind of mass communication has tremendous potential to form values. Recommendations for parents how to educate children in the conditions when advertisement influences their world outlook are given
Keywords: world outlook, education, socialization, perception, reflexivity, techniques, factor, family
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