Pages: 124-132
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2018-10-2-124-132 ÓÄÊ 378.147 ÁÁÊ 74.480.26
Authors: A.V. Kiseleva
Abstract: Global character of international economic, cultural, educational and technological processes that started in the late 20th century gave a new meaning to a geographical notion of «cultural landscape». In the present day world of science it is used when specialists discuss modern concepts of cultural development of a society, investigate interconnection of natural and cultural heritage, study historical and cultural monuments as well as natural ones. In such a context the most effective form of work on creation of cultural landscape at the university of architecture and arts, that helps to develop artistic and aesthetic culture and enhance professional skills, is independent work of its students. It is noted that in the process of independent work at the university of architecture and arts the students are solving such learning tasks as consolidation and detalization of special professional knowledge and skills in composite design as well as development of creative activity and initiative, creative motivation etc. Practical experiences of forming cultural; landscape on a particular ethno-cultural material in the framework of propedutics (creation pedagogy) at a university of architecture and arts are described. The results of forming the elements of students’ cultural landscape at a university of architecture and arts in the process of realization of student independent work within propedeutics (creation pedagogy) are analyzed.
Keywords: cultural landscape, independent work, cultural heritage, traditions, ethnic culture, historical and cultural objects, cognitive, creativity, competence, propedeutics (creation pedagogy).
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