Pages: 70-78
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2018-10-1-70-78ΣΔΚ 378.147.88 ΑΑΚ 74.480.276
Authors: V.P. Bykov
Abstract: This article describes training and professional practicum as a didactic means of forming the initial professional skills. Basic professional skills are viewed as an activity component of navigator’s professional competence; transdisciplinary learning professional practicum is characterized as a specific form of professional study activities as an integrative course and didactic tool. Integrative course will be built on module principle and will include interdisciplinary lectures, various kinds of practical and independent tasks that address educational and professional challenges of the rising level of integrity through the linkages of special content disciplines (military occupational) and flight practices
Keywords: initial professional skills, pedagogical conditions of functioning of structural and functional models for the formation of initial professional skills, transdisciplinary training and professional practicum, the level of integrity of training and professional tasks.
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