Pages: 79-88
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2018-10-1-79-88 378.147 74.480.26
Authors: I.A. Soldatova, O.A. Davydova
Abstract: Essence and classification of modern projecting methodologies is discussed. Practical experiences of applying the projecting methodologies to the system of professional training of managers is described. It is noted that acquisition of projecting methodologies is efficiently realized when used in class together with interactive technologies and teaching methods: in role and business games, brainstorming trainings (social and psychological training, business communication training, psychotechnical games), case studies and project development. It is concluded that outcomes of applying projective methodologies in class provide a possibility for the students to get psychological, sociological and marketing experiences necessary for their future professional activities, bring teaching closer to reality and facilitate the formation of competence of human resources selection and management
Keywords: project method, studying personal specifics, projecting methodologies, classification of projecting methodologies, application of projecting methodologies to professional training of managers
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