Pages: 124-132
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2018-10-1-124-132ÓÄĘ 377.5 ÁÁĘ 74.470
Authors: N.A. Pimenova, G.N. Liubchenko, A.A. Usova
Abstract: The problem of training workers at vocational training organizations in the contemporary social and economic situation in Russia is discussed. It is proposed to introduce professional tutorship as a factor to ensure personal adaptation at a new work position. It is attempted to project a tutorship system at a vocational training organization. General scheme of structural and logical tutorship model at A.V. Yakovlev Chelyabinsk State Industrial and Humani-tarian College is proposed to include interaction processes between the vocation training organization and enterprise, qualification upgrade, organization structure of personal professional identification (personal development with due account of professional and state educational standard requirements); activities aspect to synthesize the theory and practice in the dual system, outcome (graduate multi-skills – professional graduate with many competences and wide possibilities of employment and career development)
Keywords: tutorship, staffing, professional educational environment, structural logical tutorship model scheme
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