Pages: 93-99
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2019-11-2-93-99 ÓÄŹ 378.14 +376 ĮĮŹ 74.480.46 +74.5
Authors: O.Yu. Muller
Abstract: Urgency of the problem of universities’ providing of professional staff in realization of the mechanism of inclusive education has led to the choice of the research’s theme. The aim of the article is to justify theoretically and uncover pedagogical conditions that contribute to development of teachers’ methodical competence in conditions of inclusive education. Development of methodical support materials, active involvement of teachers in inclusive education and individual program development are described. The main methods of the research are analysis of psycho-pedagogical, methodical and legislative literature on this issue dedicated to problems of teachers’ methodical competence in conditions of inclusive education and also diagnostic methodologies.
Keywords: inclusive education, inclusive educational environment, pedagogical conditions, methodical competence.
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