Pages: 10-17
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2019-11-3-10-17 ÓÄŹ 378.14 ĮĮŹ 74.484.4
Authors: B.N. Guzanov, A.A. Baranova, T.L. Lovtsevich
Abstract: The article shows that in the modernization of higher professional education, an important role is played by social partnership, which should be understood not only as a mechanism of interaction between organizations interested in high-quality training of future professionals in accordance with the chosen specialization, but also interdisciplinary training areas. An example of the implementation of trans-vocational training is considered on the example of a technical university. The social partnership scheme implemented at the Physics and Technology Institute of UrFU in the direction of «Biotechnical Systems and Technologies» is presented.
Keywords: higher technical education, social partnership, vocational training, project training.
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