Pages: 40-47
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2022-14-1-40-47 ÓÄÊ 378.147 ÁÁÊ 74.480.26
Authors: S.A. Pitina, A.D. Shcherbov
Abstract: A topical problem of forming cross-cultural competence when teaching English to higher education students of language programs is discussed It is specified, that the formed cross-cultural competence is the result of efficient cross-cultural communication. The structure of cross-cultural competence is analyzed. Experiences of forming the cross-cultural competence in students of linguistics program 45.03.02 at the International Institute of Design and Service and Kostanay branch of Chelyabinsk State University are described.
Keywords: cross-cultural competence, foreign language teaching, culture-through-language studies, linguistic persona, English texts in country studies, analysis of the English text
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