Pages: 140-149
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2022-14-1-140-149 ÓÄĘ 37.035.6 ÁÁĘ 74.005.22
Authors: D.Yu. Panin
Abstract: The problem of cultivating patriotism and personal civic consciousness is updated. The features of the concepts of “civic consciousness” and “patriotism” are emphasized. Opinions of researchers on the essence of these concepts and respondents (cadets) enquiry results on the essence of patriotism and the practice oriented program of cultivating patriotism and civic consciousness in cadet classes “I-we-citizen” are presented. The principles of education and program realization are shown. Technologies of deliberation, workshops, project learning, health saving, cognitive creative actions technology of I.P. Ivanov, reflective and game technologies were singled out as most efficient.
Keywords: pedagogical technology, patriotism, civic consciousness, human rights, civic patriotic education
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