Pages: 4-6
Codes: ÓÄÊ 37.1 ÁÁÊ 74.58+65.011.15
Title: Education Model for Knowledge-Based Economy
Authors: Koshkarova L.S. Head of the Research and Methodology Department, Non-State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education «Chelyabinsk Institute of Humanities».
Abstract: An attempt is made to present basic ideas and prospects of Russia’s education triggered by a group of authors at the conference “Modernization of Economy” in April 2008. These can target the development of programmes, plans and projects. It is planned to publish in this journal alter-native opinions and new approaches for the development of the model proposed by A.E. Volkov (‘Skolkovo’ business school), I.M. Remarenko (Ministry of Education of Russia), Ya.I. Kuzmin, B.L. Rudnik, I.D. Frumin, L.I. Yakobson (SU-HSE).
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